Pet store selling wild animals online

Pet store selling wild animals online is the only organisation that is well equipped with all kinds of exotic animals that are tamed and well trained to cause no harm to humans by professionals.

A lot of you are looking for online pet stores that also sell wild species. Look no where, we’re registered and we have all licences that allow us to legally sell exotic mammals and pets world wide.

Once you for an animal here, we deliver it where you are in a few days, we’re in partnership with the Santa Fe Relocation shipping company and many more shipping companies that deliver goods world wide.

Selling wild animals online that are tamed and well trained

Many people are afraid of buying manic animals as their house pets thinking that they might cause harm to them.

When it comes to our pets, that’s not how it is. Our pets are trained to live with people as their family so they are harmless to humans.

Black panther- selling wild animals online

Own this well trained black panther that is harmless to people and adoptive to every society

Buy $7000


Our most friendly fox. She loves staying with people most especially children

Buy $900


Black Ape

Apes are rated 98% to humanity which means that they are nice animals and they can completely live with people

Buy $3000


Prairie dog

This is a prairie dog. It is good for keeping at home as well. Place your orders.

Buy  $700



Spider monkey- Selling wild animals online

Spider monkeys are now available on market. Buy and own it today.

Buy $750







The reason why we set those prices on our animals and pets is we take a lot of time tame them and train them well to the standard of being harmless to people.

Reasons why we’re selling wild animals online

There are many reasons as to why we sell wild animals. It so hard for people to own their dream wild animals as house and home pets.

We decided to make it easy for you to buy and receive your animal in your respective location.

We have all documents for our customers showing ownership of their animals. Before buying or placing an order, you must pay a commitment fee of $300. Follow all prompts.


Procedures of selling wild animals online

There are a lot of online websites selling wild animals without following procedures. Before any organisation or platform starts trading wild animals.

They need a CITES (convention on the international trade in endangered species) permit that allows importing and exporting wild animals on international borders.

Permits are required in keeping wild animals as pets. Once you’re selling or owning a wild animal without a permit or license.

You will be prosecuted or jailed. If you’re found guilty, you will be issued with a fine or prison sentence or both.

NOTE: For all our clients, I recommend you to pay the commitment fee of $300 first before going further with the purchase of any animal of your choice to prevent inconvenience.

 Permits and licences of selling wild animals

We have licences and permits for each and every animal we put on market. Our organisation is fully registered by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the CITE Authority and we can deliver any animal t0 any part of the world.

Fishing cat. Her name is briella

Briella is 10 months old and was born in south east Asia. Briella is a fishing cat and her best meal is fish which contributes around 3 quarters  of her diet.

She loves playing in water but mostly on land with other people since she is family friendly, she is used to play with children because she is family raised.

BUY         $430-$600

Boa-Constrictor snake-selling wild animals

Boa constrictor is one of the worlds largest snakes in the world, here is the chance to own it.

It is non poisonous and has a glowing color in nature. It is a well mannered pet and non venomous.

BUY             $1550-$2900

Kangaroo-selling wild animals

Get up close with Maloa and he is just 2 years old just at our court yard as he looks.

It is really good at hopping and bouncing on its hind legs and this gives it a beautiful movement ever. Place your order by contacting us.

BUY         $3900

Policy guidelines of selling wild animals

For you to own a wild animal as your pet, you need to purchase it from a verified organisation with all permits and licences granting it to sell wild animals and pets.

To possess an animal or pet with legal documents contact us, we provide all the legal documents that make you own pets and animals of your choice with out any inconveniences from the Authorities.

For all our clients, I recommend you to pay the commitment fee of $300 first before going further with the purchase of any animal of your choice to prevent inconvenience.