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Ocelot price is set up according to their density worldwide. Ocelots are very rare because of many reasons.

Deforestation and the destruction of their natural habitat, forested areas have been destroyed living these animals with no natural shelter.

Although there are still ocelots in the world, their number is diminishing at a high speed. Ethical of these endangered wild cats is a must if we want to see them in coming years.

A lot of organisations are fighting as they can to make sure that these awesome creatures still have a place on the planet.

These animals are very nice house pets if it’s owner is committed to taking good care of it.

Some of them live for up to over 20 years. These animals have barely been seen in the wild animal market for the last few years. Own a well trained and healthy ocelot as your pet today for ocelot price.

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Ocelots look just cats but what differentiate between them is that an ocelot has smooth soft fur with red-brown, sometimes gray-black rosettes that blend out to bands or stripes.

What also makes the Ocelot unique are two distinct ocelli, or white spots behind their ears, and the sides of their faces striped with two black bands.

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Ocelots are quite expensive because most of them are being kept by scientists, conservation experts and governments. So if you want to own one privately, you have to pay $1700 up to $1900 in order to legally own it.

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