Miniature monkey pet for sale or finger monkey

Miniature monkey pet for sale well known as finger monkey.  These small monkeys are scientifically called Pygmy marmoset and its origin is in the rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America.

The reason as to why this monkey is named miniature is because its the smallest among all types of monkeys.

World smallest primate available for sale

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This miniature monkey pet for sale is one of the world smallest primates and this makes it the world smallest monkey. Many people wonder the physical appearance of this animal.

Its body length is ranging from 117 to 152 mm with a tail of 172 to 229 mm. The adult body weight is up to an average of 100 grams.

The colour of their fur is a mixture of grey, brownish-gold and black on its back and head then the orange and tawny is on its under parts.

These monkeys are rare to find on market for purchase. They are given a range of 250 USD to 600 USD.

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Miniature monkey pet for sale and how to handle it

To keep this monkey well and healthy, there are some factors you need to know and you must follow them.

According to research from scientists world wide, these animal’s life span is long.When they are well cared of by humans and it goes up to 15-20 years.

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For food, these animals are mostly fed fruits, insects, and smaller lizards.

It’s advised to feed them their natural diet to help them maintain good health from the necessary protein, calcium and other nutritional sources.

If you want to buy a baby, you will have to feed every after two hours for three weeks.

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