Exotic monkey for sale

Exotic monkey for sale. The most species of monkeys have varied relationships with humans and they are used as home pets. A lot of people buy our well trained monkeys and use them as personal assistants to the disabled people as their caretakers.

Monkeys are of many benefits when they are well trained. So if you’re in need of one, place your orders here. All our monkeys are fully vaccinated and well trained making them human friendly and harmless.

Monkeys are very easy to handle in a way that they are very adoptive to every environment. They are considered to be wild animals but the good thing about them is that they can easily be domesticated.

Place your orders for an exotic monkey

we have many types of monkeys available on market. They well trained and healthy. So it’s you to make a choice.

Black spider monkey for sale

Black spider monkeys are very easy to maintain and their prices are affordable.

Buy          $800

Vervet monkey for sale

The vervet type of monkey is the most common and it is so friendly to humans.

Buy          $600

Rhesus monkey available on market

Rhesus monkeys are available on market. well trained and human friendly.

Buy        $1200

Wild animals and pets

We not only sell monkeys but also all other types of wild animals and pets. All our animals are fully registered. We have full documents proving each and every animal ownership.

We always advise all animal buyers to first set up nice and favorable environments for animals before purchasing them.

Our organisation also has a tourism section where we travel tourists around the Uganda wildlife. If you’re interested, contact us for more information or visit us at 3 Dundas road Kololo Kampala Uganda.

Remember to pay a commitment fee of $300 before going further with the purchase. This fee was set up to prevent inconveniences from people who pretend to be animal buyers. Exotic monkey for sale.